Having trouble with your goals? Meet Will & Did.

Two brothers on the way to help you change what you think about and track throughout your day.

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How We Work

In 6 pictures

1) Tell us your goals

Anything you need to do daily, regularly or stop doing entirely!

2) Tell us when to ask about your goals

We offer morning, afternoon, evening and night rounds of questions. We operate on your schedule!

3) We notify you when we have questions

Via Email or Text message (Push notifications on the way)

4) Will asks if you will

And offers words of encouragement to prime you towards taking action

5) Did follows up if you did

And can track any related data

6) Track how you're doing

And analyze your answers

We've received over 1,247 yeses so far! Are you ready to start saying yes to your goals?

We Work Anywhere

Access our service from your browser, no matter your device! For users that prefer native apps for iOS and android, they're on the way!

We have feelings too

We care about doing a good job! We're happy when you're achieving your goals and get bummed out when you don't.

What can we help You do?

We give every day a sprinkling of structure to improve how you make choices

Learn an instrument

Get in shape

Strengthen your relationships

Work towards your dreams

Save more money

Improve your thinking

Work on your projects

Get chores done

Read more

Fight bad habits

Spend time with kids

Become a better leader

A Note From the Creator

I made WillYou DidYou to help me make changes in my life that I've always struggled to make, and have been amazed with just how helpful it's been.

If you've dealt with todo lists that don't get done, habits that don't get kicked, or changes that don't get made, I hope Will & Did can help you too.

- Russell Jennings

We're just getting started!

With more on the way

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